3 Easy and Timeless Ways to Generate Sales Leads

By | April 3, 2015

There are two parts to being successful at sales- generating qualified leads is one, and closing the deal is another. In this post, we will center on the first part. It is easier said than done. Generating a sales lead depends on how powerful your business is in communicating its modus operandi, and the benefits that the prospect is most likely to enjoy with the capabilities of your product or service.

How does a business improve on the front of communicating their agenda effectively? Well, it can be accomplished in many ways- taking your prospects through case studies, showcasing moving testimonials, providing them a look-see into your how-to guides, and a lot of other proven ways of marketing your business and its capabilities.
Before getting there, it is key to generate qualified sales leads in the right manner. Think about it; they are people with concerns that they want addressed. Calling them leads may not be appropriate; however, the key is to find ways in which your business can generate sales leads.

Let’s get started.

Network with Your Prospects

Once you know your target audience, there are many ways to address their concerns and pique their curiosity in your product or service. Hosting a webinar is all the rage in that there is an element of personalization. Make sure your sales pitch is too strong in this phase of generating sales leads. Several businesses that are quite aggressive about their sales process lose the plot here. Keep it simple and subtle, and present yourself as the face of your business. Build trust and lay a solid foundation to a stream of sales opportunities for the future.

Targeted Campaign

Do some research and make a list of relevant websites that your prospects visit often to find answers to their nagging concerns. Conduct keyword analysis to determine the keywords (both long tail and short tail) that your prospects search for. Put out a targeted ad campaign so your ads appear on the sites your prospects visit frequently.

Build Relationships

Generating sales leads does not happen in a confined system. Build relationships with influential sales people outside of your business in a bid to garner new customer relationships. Businesses that generate sales leads effectively just do not fall back on their in-house sales team; they believe in the power of working with sales people that are not on their payroll that can refer new business opportunities. It’s a win-win situation and is expected to play out in your advantage.