3 Commonsensical Tips to Push Your Sales Leads through Conversion

By | April 3, 2015

Most of your sales leads will not convert into sales spontaneously by just going through your sales funnel. More often than not, it requires an extra push to make that conversion happen.

Here are a few solid tips to help your business make the most of your sales leads. Let us get to know how they convert.

Tip #1- Throw an Incentive they can’t Refuse

Who does not like free stuff? Most of us do, and it is common that a majority of your sales leads will. Think about providing a well-timed discount or keep it simple with a free gift. Research shows the average shopper cannot bring himself together to decline a limited period offer or a free gift. Give him a tickle and push your leads through the conversion funnel.

Tip #2- Ask your Prospects about the Sale

It is not a radical piece of marketing advice. It is commonsensical though. They are your leads because they were interested to buy what you have on offer. So, take that step forward and ask them if they are ready to make that sale. In a typical competitive market, if you do not ask for the sale of your prospect, there is a good chance that your competitor will.

Tip #3- Follow Up with Them

What is in a follow-up? Well, there is a lot at stake.

Getting somebody interested in your product or service is one thing; doing all that it takes to make them purchase is another. A simple follow-up via phone or email goes a long way in getting your prospects back at it. Many companies fail to do so, and lose their grip over their leads as time flies by.

A proactive sales department will touch base immediately with all of the sales leads that are generated via all the active channels, and will continue to do at regular intervals, creating opportunities to reach out to them and offer to answer any questions that they might have about your product or service or process etc.